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                Hello, Welcome to Zhejiang Guoguang Biochemistry Co.,Ltd.!

                Contact us

                Add: No.6 Chuncheng Road, High-tech Park Quzhou City, Zhejiang, China

                P.C.: 324004

                Itaconic acid sales department:

                +86-570-3881875(Sales Director), 3881770,3888373,3881708,3888171,3881727

                Threonine sales department:

                +86-570-3881769, 3881727

                Fax: +86-570-3888517, 3881708, 2844767

                E-mail: ggsales@hi2000.com


                • Itaconic AcidCAS No.:

                  Itaconic acid or methylene succinic acid

                  MW: 130.1; MF: C5H6O4;

                  Backing: 1)25kg in woven bag inner-lined with plastic bag. 2)Upon customer's request.

                • Itaconic anhydrideCAS No.: 2170-03-8

                  Name: Itaconic anhydride

                  MW: 112.08   MF: C5H4O3

                  Packing: 1)25 KG aluminum foil vacuum bag/ fibre drum. 2)Upon customer's request.

                • Dibutyl ItaconateCAS No.: 2155-60-4

                  Product item: Dibutyl Itaconate

                  Product type: DBI

                  Packing: 210KG/Barrel

                • L-Threonine(Feed Grade)CAS No.: 72-19-5

                  Name: L-Threonine(β-hydroxyl-αaminobutyric acid)

                  Molecular weight: 119.12

                  Packing: 25kg in a compound bag.

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