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                Dibutyl Itaconate


                Product item: Dibutyl Itaconate

                Product type: DBI

                CAS No.: 2155-60-4

                Molecular Formula: C13H22O4

                Molecular Weight: 242.31

                Structural Formula:

                Characteristic & Application

                DBI has two double-bonds at the position of α and β. It is generally consider as substitutive derivative of acrylate. Because of it’s active reaction character, it can be used in many area.

                Firstly, DBI is mainly used as monomer of macromolecule material, copolymer and midbody of organic synthesis. It can be used by itself to prepare macromolecule materials, the polymer liquid can be used as plasticizing agent for PVC. But mostly, it is used as internal-plasticizing agent, when copolymerizing with styrene, acrylic nitrile, acrylate or vinyl chloride, to improve the copolymer performance, such as plasticization and water-solubility. Those polymers are usually used for water-based resin (water-based printing ink, electropositive coating, baking finish for metal), molding material, coating material, fiber, film finishing agent, lubricant and its addition agent, adhesive, ion exchange resin, and so on.

                Secondly, DBI has little performance of self polymerization, but can hardly polymerize without activator. Peroxide, oxidation-deoxidization activator or UV light may lead it to self polymerize, while heat can not.

                In a word, DBI is a kind of limpid colorless liquid with low toxicity. As internal-plasticizing agent, it can be used as copolymerizing monomer and also cross-linking agent.

                Part Physical and Chemical Performance

                Appearance (25ºC) Clear, colorless liquid
                Chroma (APHA) Max 30
                Ester content (%) Min 96
                Boiling point(10mmHg, ºC) 284
                Specific gravity (20ºC, g/cm3) 0.986
                Flash point(closed cup, ºC) >110
                Gas pressure(10mmHg, ºC) 145ºC
                Viscosity (20ºC, mPa • S) 5.6
                Refractive index (n20/D) 1.444
                Acid value (itaconic acid, %) Max 0.1
                Solubility: Little in water
                Toxicity low
                Surface tension (25ºC,N/m) 35×10-3

                The above are corporation inside controlling guidelines and not to be regarded as sales specifications.



                Storage and transportation

                Storage: DBI has a high flash point, so it is easy to store and dispose. Its low vapor pressure and mild odor make it no pollution to circumstance. It must be stored in dry, cool, tightly closed container. The area storing this material must be equipped with extinguishing equipment and proper electric appliance. The standard depends on the flash point of this material, along with the water solubility and toxicity of the material. Besides above, avoid being in straight of UV light.

                Handling: Never inhale the vapor when use this material. Avoid contacting this material with eyes, skin and clothes.