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                Hello, Welcome to Zhejiang Guoguang Biochemistry Co.,Ltd.!

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                P.C.: 324004

                Itaconic acid sales department:

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                Itaconic anhydride


                Name: Itaconic anhydride

                Molecular Weight: 112.08

                Molecular Formula: C5H4O3

                Structural Formula:


                Widely applied in metal adhesion promoter, synthetic resin modifier, esterifying agent, anti-blushing agent, weed killer, insecticide and so on.


                Appearance White Powder
                Anhydride Purity,% 98.0
                Itaconic Acid,% 1.5
                Residufs on Ignition,% 0.1
                Melting Ponit,ºC 67-69
                Loss on Drying,% 0.1
                Shelf Life Six Months
                Grade Refined Grade


                1) 25 KG aluminum foil vacuum bag/ fibre drum.

                2) Upon customer's request.

                Storage and transportation

                Stable at normal temperature. Avoid heat, flames, sparks and other sources of ignition.

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